8$ coupon code from Auto Parts Warehouse

Here’s a coupon code just for you from Auto Parts Warehouse:

$8 off orders over $100 + FREE SHIPPING. Use Coupon Code: 8EAPWAFF8.

Auto Parts Warehouse offers a broad selection of different wiper blade brands – PIAA, Valeo, Bosch, TRICO and ANCO just to name a few of the best ones.

They have a part finder called “Shop by Vehicle” which will make sure that you only get parts that fit your specific car year/brand/model.

Summer wiper blades – an urban legend

It would make perfect sense if there was such as thing as a summer wiper blade.

I mean, there are windshield wipers for the winter season, so why wouldn’t there be a series of blades designed especially for warm weather?
Truth is that they don’t exist.
But we do have all-season blades and these are the ones you would use all year round (except for the really cold months)
The reason they started producing winter wipers was that the traditional blades had two major flaws that made them less than ideal.
  1. The rubber lost its flexibility as temperatures went down – so the blade couldn’t hug the windshield as well as it should.
  2. Initially all blades were of the traditional steel-frame type – and the moving parts would get clogged with ice, sleet and snow, making it impossible to put proper and uniform pressure on the blade.
So, winter blades were invented to combat these two drawbacks.
They used a softer rubber compound and they encased the steel-frame in a rubber boot to prevent stuff from getting access to the moving parts.
And that’s why there’s speciality blades for winter, but not for summer.

Save $5 on a Pair of Trico Force Wiper Blades at Amazon


Amazon is currently running a special deal on a pair of Trico Force.

The offer is only available at Amazon and the blades must be sold and shipped by Amazon.com.

This means that products sold by 3rd party sellers unfortunately does not qualify for the discount.

Amazon has put together a special page where you can add your wipers directly to your shopping cart (the discount is applied in the shopping cart)

If you don’t know the exact size, then use the Part Finder (not the “normal” Part Finder) on the special offer page to make sure that 1) you select the correct blades and 2) that you only select from products included in the deal.

I just updated the Major Brands page

I just gave the Major Brands page and all the brand pages an overhall.

It’s been a while since I updates these – a few blades have been discontinued and a bunch of new ones has popped up.

The most significant change is that most companies now feature a Hybrid blade in their lineup.

Collecting the information is unfortunately not as simple a visiting a single page on each manufacturers website.

Few of them provide size information at a glance for instance.

For some brands the information has been gathered from browsing through an endless number of product pages on Amazon or other online stores.

Some of the information comes from technical papers and dealership info-packages buried deep in the website.

I’ve updated the information for these brands:


Anco wiper blade rebate 2013

ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013

There’s just under 1 month left of the ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013.

Until the end of the year you can get either $10 or $5 returned from ANCO (dependng on which blades you buy)

  • Contour – ANCO C-xx – (Beam) – $10
  • Profile – ANCO A-xx-UB or A-xx-OE – (Beam) – $10
  • Transform – ANCO T-xx – (Hybrid) – $10
  • Winter – ANCO 30-xx – (Rubber-incased Steel frame) – $5
  • AeroVantage – ANCO 91-xx – (Steel frame) – $5

31-Series and Rear blades (AR-xx) unfortunately do not qualify.

Also, please notice that the 20-xx series is sometimes referred to as a medium profile blade and that this blade has nothing to do with the “real” Profile blade.

The winter blade rebate is especially sweet since it’s both the season for these blades and the one ANCO makes is by far the best one available out there.