Using Amazon Parts Finder

Amazon has a very neat feature that will come in handy when you’re shopping for your new windshield wiper blades – it’s called the Amazon Part Finder and I’m a huge fan.

So let me show you what it is and how you use it in this guide.

There are basically 3 different ways to get to the Part Finder:

  1. The Amazon Part Finder Widget which is at the bottom of every page on this site
  2. The Amazon Part Finder link in the menu on the right on this site
  3. By going to the Automotive section on Amazon and clicking Part Finder in the menu

Using the Amazon Part Finder Widget

Amazon Parts Finder Widget - Filled Out

Using the Part Finder Widget at the bottom of the page is really simple.

You simply select the Year, Make and Model.

Once you’re done selecting the Model, the Go button will become clickable.

Click it, and you’ll be taken to Amazon’s Automotive section.

Fine-tune with Trim, Style and other specifications

Once on Amazon’s site you’ll be shown a page with all the car parts that fit the Year, Make and Model you selected.

Amazon Parts Finder -2004 Suzuki Aerio Wiperblade Section

A bit further down the page you’ll find the Wipers section where you can see how many different wiper blades, wiper refills and windshield washer pumps Amazon has listed for you car.

Just click the Wiper Blades link (unless of course you really are looking for refills or pumps)

Amazon Parts Finder - Trim

Once you click through you’ll be asked to specify Trim and Body Style.

For some cars you’ll only be asked for Trim, and for other cars they won’t even ask you.

(btw, if you are using the Part Finder to look for other parts than wiper blades then you’ll be asked other types of questions)

Select Trim and then Body Style and click Find Parts once you’re done.

Amazon Parts Finder - Body Style - Find Parts

With this taken care of you have given Amazon all the information they need to narrow down the selection of wiper blades that exactly fits your vehicle.

Amazon Parts Finder - Saved Vehicles

If you have an Amazon account they will save your information for (in your “Garage”) you so you don’t have to select Year, Make, Model, Trim, Body Style etc. everytime you shop for replacement parts.

Click here to start using the Amazon Part Finder