New blade: Rain-X Repel – windshield wiper blade with built-in water repellant

Rain-X just put their new Rain-X Repel wiper blade on the market.

Judging from the zoomable images on Amazon it looks exactly like the Rain-X Latitude blades, but with a new feature added.

What Rain-X have done is apply their Rain-X Water-Beading treatment to the blade itself, so your windshield gets a water repellent coating.

In effect it’s just like the PIAA Silicone coated blades that adds a tiny layer of Silicone to your windshield with each wipe.

This blade is so new that there is only 1 review on Amazon, but if you like the Latitude blades then this blade might be a worthy successor.

There’s a demo video on Amazon showing the effect of the Rain-X Repel blade that you might want to have a look at.

The video shows an untreated windshield, then a windshield with mounted Rain-X Repel blades in the rain, then the video shows how to apply an activation wipe and how to install the blade – and finally there’s a mud demonstration with an untreated windshield followed by a Rain-X Repel‘ified windshield.