Save $5 on a Pair of Trico Force Wiper Blades at Amazon


Amazon is currently running a special deal on a pair of Trico Force.

The offer is only available at Amazon and the blades must be sold and shipped by

This means that products sold by 3rd party sellers unfortunately does not qualify for the discount.

Amazon has put together a special page where you can add your wipers directly to your shopping cart (the discount is applied in the shopping cart)

If you don’t know the exact size, then use the Part Finder (not the “normal” Part Finder) on the special offer page to make sure that 1) you select the correct blades and 2) that you only select from products included in the deal.

Anco wiper blade rebate 2013

ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013

There’s just under 1 month left of the ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013.

Until the end of the year you can get either $10 or $5 returned from ANCO (dependng on which blades you buy)

  • Contour – ANCO C-xx – (Beam) – $10
  • Profile – ANCO A-xx-UB or A-xx-OE – (Beam) – $10
  • Transform – ANCO T-xx – (Hybrid) – $10
  • Winter – ANCO 30-xx – (Rubber-incased Steel frame) – $5
  • AeroVantage – ANCO 91-xx – (Steel frame) – $5

31-Series and Rear blades (AR-xx) unfortunately do not qualify.

Also, please notice that the 20-xx series is sometimes referred to as a medium profile blade and that this blade has nothing to do with the “real” Profile blade.

The winter blade rebate is especially sweet since it’s both the season for these blades and the one ANCO makes is by far the best one available out there.

2012 fall rebate on Trico wiperblades

This year is no exception – Trico is once again offering a mail-in rebate on 6 different models of their wiperblades.

There's up to a $10 discount on these 6 blades:

  • Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit conventionalwiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit hybrid wiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit beam wiper blades
  • Trico Flex wiper blades
  • Trico Force wiper blades

The offer lasts until November 16 2012

$15 mail-in rebate on Anco windshield wiper blades

Anco is having a $15 mail-in rebate on several of the blades at the moment.

You can save $15 when you buy a pair of wipers of these 5 Anco models:

That’s at least what it says on – but when you go to the actual redemption form it says something different.

On there it lists the discount at $15 for Contour and Profile, $10 for AeroVantage and $5 for 31-Series and Winter.

But the Anco Rear Blades are also mentioned there for $5 (any Anco blades that starts with AR in the part number is considered a rear blade). The savings on the rear blade seems to be for a single blade and with the current price of $8.99 on Amazon then it looks as if you can get a rear blade for less than $4.

August savings from Advance Auto Parts

Here’s a bunch of rebates and discounts from Advance Auto Parts that is available to us in August.

Valid from now and the rest of the month:

Only a few days left of these 2 offers:

Offer valid a week from now – but only for 3 days:

Active offer with no known end date:

Rain-X Latitude time-limited offer

I just noticed a special offer for Rain-X Latitude windshield wiper blades at Amazon.

The offer is 2 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 24″ & 26″ Rain-X Latitude bracketless 8-in-1 Premium Graphite Coated windshield wiper blades for just $22.

It’s a Gold Box offer which means that it’s time-limited, so if you’re shopping for some Rain-X Latitude blades (or just want to stock up for the next time you need to replace your blades) then head over to Amazon and see if the offer is still valid.

The offer is even listed as “while supplies last” so hurry up if you want to save some money. The 24″ and 26″ blades are usually priced higher than the 18″ to 22″ ones, so on those there’s more than 50% to save.