I just updated the Major Brands page

I just gave the Major Brands page and all the brand pages an overhall.

It’s been a while since I updates these – a few blades have been discontinued and a bunch of new ones has popped up.

The most significant change is that most companies now feature a Hybrid blade in their lineup.

Collecting the information is unfortunately not as simple a visiting a single page on each manufacturers website.

Few of them provide size information at a glance for instance.

For some brands the information has been gathered from browsing through an endless number of product pages on Amazon or other online stores.

Some of the information comes from technical papers and dealership info-packages buried deep in the website.

I’ve updated the information for these brands:


I just added a Michelin Wiper Blade page

I just added a page with specs and recommendations for 3 different Michelin windshield wiper blades.

Neither the steel-frame based RainForce nor the beam blade Optimum have enough Amazon reviews to conclude anything about their ability to wipe properly or last.

Personally I wouldn’t go for a blades that have been around for years with so few reviews.

The 3rd blade, the Michelin Stealth,  on the other hand seems very promising.

No reviews at all, but 6 out of the 10 available sizes have made it to Amazon’s windshield wiper blade bestseller list which means people really buys it.

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