New Part Finder at Amazon

Amazon just changed the way their Part Finder looks.

And you will experience it in two different ways depending on how you access Amazon.

When you go to the windshield wiper blade section on Amazon (or any automotive section with car-specific components) you’ll be met with a popup window that looks like this:

If you follow a link to a specific windshield wiper blades then you’ll be greated with a bar near the top of the screen.

The way the popup and the top bar works is identical.

Here’s a walkthrough I did for my 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Select Year – in my case it’s 2006

Select Make – in my case it’s Suzuki

Select Model – in my case it’s Grand Vitara

Hit the Go button

In my case I was on a product page with a blade that didn’t fit my car, so I got this warning message.

Just click on the Blades link.

In my case that got me to a page exclusively with wiper blades that fits my car – you can tell you’re in the right place because of this line near the top:

Here I just clicked on one of the new Rain-X Repel blades and got this neat green checkmark above the product image that confirmed that this blade does indeed fit my car.

So, there you have it, the new Amazon Part Finder.

How to make sure your new wiper blades fits your vehicle – before breaking the wiper arm in frustration

I think we’ve all tried it; gotten ourselves a pair of brand new windshield wiper blades only to find out that they don’t fit our car *after* breaking the packaging.

I did that with my previous car – a Suzuki Liana (aka Aeiro).

The rear wiper blade had started to show signs of wear and left streaks on my rear window, so I went out to get a new blade.

There’s an auto accessory shop nearby, so I made a quick stop there to buy myself a replacement blade.

On the stand with the windshield wiper blades they had blades from Bosch and Valeo, so I looked through the size charts to see if I could find a good match.

I didn’t find anything for my Suzuki, so I went to the counter for some assistance.

They looked and looked and looked some more in their computer system and ended up selling me a Valeo blade that would ”definitely fit your car Sir”.

Later that day when I was going to replace the blade I was in for a big surprise – the blade they guaranteed me would fit my car didn’t fit at all.

So, back to the store to get my money back – and still with a worn rear wiper blade smearing my rear window.

Have you been in that kind of situation while getting new blades for your car? – frustrating isn’t it?

Well, if you follow this guide you’ll definitely reduce the risk of anguish considerably.

  1. Use the Amazon Part Finder first

    The database behind the Amazon Part Finder is huge and covers all major windshield wiper brands and possibly all car makes and models.

    Starting your search for new blades there will give you a broad selection of blades to choose from.

  2. Read the reviews on Amazon for the blades that matches your car.

    If you want to be thorough then read the reviews for all the different sizes of the blade you’re planning to purchase. This is especially true if the size you need is either really short or really long as these tend to have fewer reviews compared to “normal” sized blades.

    Disregard the 5-Star reviews where the stars are given exclusively for “speed of delivery” – and ignore the 0-Star reviews where “doesn’t fit my Audi A4” is given as reason and you check and find out that the blade isn’t even listed as fitting an Audi A4.

  3. Double-check the size in the size charts on the manufacturers website.

    There’s always the possibility of errors occurring in the Amazon database, so checking again can save you from getting the wrong blade.