Summer wiper blades – an urban legend

It would make perfect sense if there was such as thing as a summer wiper blade.

I mean, there are windshield wipers for the winter season, so why wouldn’t there be a series of blades designed especially for warm weather?
Truth is that they don’t exist.
But we do have all-season blades and these are the ones you would use all year round (except for the really cold months)
The reason they started producing winter wipers was that the traditional blades had two major flaws that made them less than ideal.
  1. The rubber lost its flexibility as temperatures went down – so the blade couldn’t hug the windshield as well as it should.
  2. Initially all blades were of the traditional steel-frame type – and the moving parts would get clogged with ice, sleet and snow, making it impossible to put proper and uniform pressure on the blade.
So, winter blades were invented to combat these two drawbacks.
They used a softer rubber compound and they encased the steel-frame in a rubber boot to prevent stuff from getting access to the moving parts.
And that’s why there’s speciality blades for winter, but not for summer.

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