Rain repellent comparison

I’ve just posted a guide to windshield glass treatment solutions featuring 2 mainstream products, 1 high end product that you’ll need to find a licensed reseller to get as well as a bunch of products that other people have tried, but that I’ve been unable to find enough information about.

Aquapel Glass Treatment came out the winner, followed by Rain-X Original Treatment

You can find both Aquapel and Rain-X at Amazon.

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  1. I have recently discovered NOC on Glass. Rain-X is terrible. AquaPel is ok but my detailer says that using Windex-like cleaners (basically ammonica cleaners) ruins it. Diamon Fusion is a scam. They guarantee their product make make you travel to the moon and back before they enable the guarantee. I’ve had NOC on Glass on my windshield since the beginning of the year and love it. I’ve taken my car thru carwashes, etc. and have had no problem with the surface. I haven’t needed it reapplied, either, so I feel like I’m saving money.

  2. I also purchased NOC on Glass off their website after a friend had it applied at a Porsche dealership. It was easy to apply and if it last as long as six months or more I will be happy to toss my Rain-X. One thing that was apparent was the reduced night glare of on coming traffic, something to do with the anti reflection properties of the coating, much like my Oakley sun glasses.

  3. I’m the inventor of Rainmagic and my water based rain repellent coating will last longer than both of those products up to one year .
    Those product have only one use automotive windshields my product works on eyeglasses mirrors glass tables boat windshield face shields jewelry show cases and is the only product tested safe be G.E the makers of Lexan products
    Harley-Davidson and Honda Gold Wing Windshields.
    We are having a Buy2 Get 1 Free special http://www.rainmagic.com

  4. I’ve recently (and unfortunately) had to replace my car’s windshield. The difference in my new one (w/o a treated surface) is so incredibly poor that it’s lead me to calling the dealership and asking what they’d done originally.
    Since my car was pre-owned, the best they could do was tell me that they believed the Diamon Fusion had been applied prior to my ownership. Unfortunately, they don’t provide this service any longer.
    I can only say that every single car should come with this windshield treatment. There’s no better treatment on any car I’ve ever driven (and I’ve been driving for over 35 years — OMG!). I tried calling other dealerships as well as detail shops, but to no avail. Diamon Fusion is well worth the money if you can find it. On rainy days, I barely needed to use my wipers and generally kept them set to the slow intermittent option. I think I might have possibly needed to use them on the quickest setting maybe once or twice. I live in NJ, so someone w/enormous downpours (eg: FL) might’ve done this a bit more often. And, even when it snowed, (although my car’s garage-kept), the ice would just slip right off. Also, frequent car washes never ruined the surface (and I’ve had my car for over a year).
    I will search the Web for the product, NOC, and am hopeful of restoring my windshield to its original quality.

  5. I’m rather curious about NOC glass treatment. I had ordered some from a seller on Amazon but, after 30 days, the order hadn’t been fulfilled and Amazon automatically canceled the order.

    I just went to NOC’s website (clarkeclean.com) and looked at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for the cleaning agent and the surface treatment solution. The surface preparation solution is just 4% citric acid.

    The actual surface treatment solution appears to be a huge scam. All that’s in it from their own documentation is 95% pure Ethyl Alcohol. Do a Google search on 64-17-5 (taken straight off their MSDS). That’s the single ingredient listed on the MSDS. Seriously? $30 for a little bottle of Ethanol that’s worth 10 cents?

  6. Chris the Rain-X MSDS reads

    Isopropyl alcohol <10 %
    Ethanol 60-100 %

    NOC works very well and much longer than Rain-X or Rainmagic. I got it on windows
    since 4 years.

  7. No touch Rain Shield Windshield Coating, is the most covienient water repellant I have ever used.  It is made by Permatex.

    The phone number is 1-877-376-2839.  When it starts to rain, you just spray the windshield, run the wipers and it works like you just put rain-x on.  It is especially good if you live in an area wher it may rain today and then not for a month or so.  The problem is I cannot find it any more.  I just left a message at Permatex to see if they even make it anymore.  The can also has a note about LEXAN.  I hope I can find a can, it is well worth it. 


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