I just added a Michelin Wiper Blade page

I just added a page with specs and recommendations for 3 different Michelin windshield wiper blades.

Neither the steel-frame based RainForce nor the beam blade Optimum have enough Amazon reviews to conclude anything about their ability to wipe properly or last.

Personally I wouldn’t go for a blades that have been around for years with so few reviews.

The 3rd blade, the Michelin Stealth,  on the other hand seems very promising.

No reviews at all, but 6 out of the 10 available sizes have made it to Amazon’s windshield wiper blade bestseller list which means people really buys it.

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1 thought on “I just added a Michelin Wiper Blade page”

  1. The Stealth looks SUPER bulky, have you had a chance to check out the hybrid that Trico came out with first. It’s called the Teflon Shield. Got them on my car and they are hands down the BEST!

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