Deals and Coupons

On this page I’ve tried to collect and put in one place everything I currently know about good deals, discounts, cash-back offers and windshield wiper blade coupons.

So far the only coupons on this page is for general car coupons as I haven’t seen a coupon for a wiper blade yet.

ACDelco Deals

Anco Deals

  • 70% off Anco blades at Amazon
  • Anco Rebate Center
    • You won’t find any rebates there, but it’s the place to go submit your promo code when Anco are running their mail-in rebate offers
  • Anco Mail-in Rebate
    • Anco is not currently running any mail-in offers

AutoTex Deals

Bosch Deals

Michelin Deals

Rain-X Deals

Trico Deals

Valeo Deals

  • 50% Valeo blades at Amazon
    • The only times I’ve seen Valeo blades at 70% off at Amazon was for blades with a list price of $100 – and then it’s easy to save 70%.
    • That’s why the link is for the 50% off blades from Valeo as those are more honest deals


General Deals

General Coupons

  • Automotive Coupons at Amazon
    • I have yet to see a coupon for windshield wiper blades there
    • But I’ve seen plenty of motor oil and headlights there