Best Windshield Wiper Blade Reviews 2015

Windshield Wiper blades[no_toc]

One of the 4 most critical components when it comes to safe driving in rainy conditions – The other three are your tires, your brakes and your headlights.

Good windshield wiper blades is an essential part of your road safety arsenal.

But there are so many different types to choose between – and from a vast number of manufacturers.

Best Windshield Wiper Blades

Bosch-ICON-ThumbBosch ICON
$27.99 USD
Rain-X-Weatherbeater-Package-ThumbRain-X Weatherbeater
$8.35 USD
PIAA AERO Vogue Hybrid ThumbPIAA Aero Vogue
$25.49 USD
$25.49 USD

Types of wiperblades

Lots of different types to choose between, and only so little time finding the best fit for your car ;-)

Below you’ll find a short description of a variety of blades in different categories – and my #1 recommended choice in each category.


Rain-X-Weatherbeater-PackageFrame-based are the traditional blades which are made up of a steel frame with lots of moving parts – brackets.

They are sometimes referred to as traditional or conventional.

The frame only apply pressure to the actual blade on very few points along its length.

This makes it prone to streaking as it doesn’t take much dirt or debris on the blade to prevent it from hugging the windshield.

And they are also more likely to perform poorly during winter season because ice and sleet clog up the moving parts – removing any kind of flexibility in the frame structure.

Rain-X Weatherbeater Review

If you’re looking for a traditional blade, then the Weatherbeater from Rain-X is a solid bet.

It’s been produced for more than 10 years, and yet it still holds 6 of the top 20 rankings on Amazons bestseller list in it’s category.

It might not be the most modern design, but for some cars it’s a better visual fit compared to newer bracketless or hybrid blades.

Features of the Rain-X Weatherbeater

Galvanized steel frames – prevents corrosion and rust

Weather Resistant Squeegee – made from all natural rubber.

High Quality – meets or exceeds OEM standards

Easy Install – Comes with multi-adapter to fit many different attachment systems

Advantages of the Rain-X Weatherbeater

One of the advantages of the Rain-X Weatherbeater is that is comes with a multiadapter, so it will fit not only small j-hook attachments systems, but also large j-hooks, sidepins and bayonet types.

Another major selling point for these is their low price. They will last you about a year (depending greatly on your local climate)

The actual blade is made of natural rubber, so it’s resistant to tearing, splitting and cracking.

Lots of positive reviews on Amazon, but be vary if you own a Honda CRV since a couple of the critical reviews specifically mentioned the CRV

Bottom line

The Rain-X Weatherbeater is a good choice if you’re looking for a conventional or traditional blade for your car – and it comes in 13 different sizes.


Bosch-ICONBeam – or bracketless – windshield wiper blades are made of one single arched piece of steel which is attached to the full length of the blade.

Force is applied at one single point in the middle of the arc where the blade attach to the wiperarm.

The upside of these is that sleet, snow and ice can’t build up on the moving parts and make the blade useless during winter.

The downside is that on some cars with curved windshields they can leave parts of the windshield alone. Usually this is in the lower righthand corner of the windshield.

Bosch ICON Review

The Bosch ICON is the top choice when it comes to beam blades.

It’s currently occupying 9 of the top 20 spots on Amazons bestseller list and with more than 1600 reviews supporting its rank

Features of the Bosch ICON

Dual rubber compound – 40% longer blade life than other premium blades

Asymmetric spoiler – provides downforce along the entire length of the blade

Weather-shielded double-locking connector – Installs without the need for adapters

Advantages of the Bosch ICON

One of  the biggest advantages of the Bosch ICON is that the beam design combined with the weather-sealed connector makes it next to impossible to clog up during winter time where traditional blades usually have some issues.

The rubber compounds in the squeegee is top quality and generally last longer than other rubber-based blades.

Bottom line

The Bosch ICON didn’t up with 9 spots out of the top 20 bestselling wipers on Amazon just by accident.

Note that the Bosch ICON comes in two different models – A and B – so make sure you get the right ones for the driver side and for the passenger side.


PIAA AERO Vogue Hybrid CroppedA hybrid blade is any blade that isn’t specifically a pure beam blade or a pure steel frame blade.

They are constructed to try and make up for the “major” flaws of the other designs.

Steel frame blades can clog up, and beam blades can have problems applying even pressure across the length of the blade.since pressure is only applied at one central point.

And at the same time they try to preserve the good parts, such as the low profile of a beam blade and multiple pressure points of a steel frame.

PIAA Aero Vogue Premium Silicone Wiper Blade Review

It’s hard impossible to find hybrid blades with as many reviews as the Rain-X Weatherbeater or the Bosch ICON simply because it’s a new technology.

My recommended hybrid blade is the Aero Vogue from PIAA

Features of the PIAA Aero Vogue Premium Silicone Wiper Blade

Silicone blades – lasts longer than rubber blades

Aerodynamic cover – reduces blade chatter and blade lift at high speeds

Coats the windshield with silicone – causes water to bead up and roll off the windshield

Advantages of the PIAA Aero Vogue Premium Silicone Wiper Blade

The insert of the Aero Vogue is made of silicone. This is more resistant to environmental factors such heat, cold and UV radiation. This extends the life of the blade.

Another benefit of silicone is that it coats your windshield. This water repellant coating beads up water drops. Less water will “stick” to your windshield, and this hydrophobic property will even work when you’re not using your wipers.

The special aerodynamics of the cover helps the blade to “hug” your windshield. And it also greatly reduces blade chatter.

Bottom line

The PIAA Aero Vogue is a sleek hybrid blade that will last you a long time