Winter windshield wiper blades

Which are the best winter wipers?

Under mild conditions with only a little snow, sleet or ice you should normally be able to just use your normal all-season blades.

But if you’re planning to replace your regular wiper blades anyway because they are near the end of their “lifetime” then you might as well switch to a real winter blade during the cold months.

And if you live somewhere with severe conditions then you want to look for the best you can get.

This is a compilation of reviews I’ve gathered on Amazon – with ANCO coming out on top and TRICO a close runner up.

Just comparing ratings to find the one that is better than all the rest is usually not easily achieved – and comparing these adds another layer of complexity since they a used under a very different conditions.

The table below gives a good overview of the data I’ve aggregated

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ANCO is really the only one with enough reviews to make the rating significant.

I ranked the Trico ICE second because it had the highest rating, but didn’t have the number of reviews to give the number any real oomph.

AutoTex W1 is listed here despite having no reviews yet. Amazon lists them as being available since December 13 2013, and the data for this page was gathered 3 weeks later.

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  1. This past winter, I based my purchase of ANCO winter wiper blades on your recomendation and I believe your recommendation is still good and valid to this day.

    Winter is over. I was hoping to read a similar statement on your part regarding summer blades: «The Anco winter blades have by far received the most reviews, and also the most positive reviews, so that’s why it’s my recommended one.» but have not found one yet…

    I own a 2007 Honda Accord SE coupe if that can help you advise me in any way.

    Question regarding AQUAPEL: I am soon scheduled to have AQUAPEL spread all over my windshield. What is your opinion regarding AQUAPEL? Am I wasting my money and if so what do you recommend instead?



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