Done collecting review statistics for the Trico wiper blades

I’m done collecting the review statistics for the Trico wiper blades now.

355 blades, 307 reviews of just under 100 of the blades – so more than 250 of the available Trico blades on Amazon haven’t been rated or reviewed by customers.

It’s sad really because you’re limited to only see reviews for a very tiny portion of the blades sold through Amazon.

Heavy Duty, Classic and Nu-Vision for instance only had one review each – and only 4 reviews of the Oktane blades.

Exact Fit, Exact Fit Rear, NeoForm, Innovision, Teflon and Teflon Winter on the other hand are well reviewed.

Year-End deals at Amazon

Amazon have a bunch of Year-End deals lined up for us in Automotive, Motorcycle and ATV.

That link is to a very broad category of automotve deals, but you can narrow it down to only cover rebates on windshield wiper blades.
P.S. I’m done collecting customer ratings from the 173 available Anco blades at Amazon – unfortunately not many people have left reviews on the Anco blades – there’s sadly only 101 reviews in total which isn’t ideal.

Merry xmas

Wonder if Santa needs wiper blades on his sleigh?

Anyway, the year is coming to an end and it’s time to look ahead at some of the things to come.

First thing to hit the site in the new year is a massive comparison of consumer reviews of a lot of different windshield wipers from lots of different manufacturers. I’m all done with the Rain-X blades, but there’s still plenty of blades to review and compare.

Next thing is a guide to hybrid blades. Hybrid blades is the mix between a traditional steel-frame blade and a bracketless beam blade.

Third and forth will be a walkthrough of Heavy Duty (HD) blades and colored blades so you know what’s available should you own a truck, a bus or a tricked out custom street car.

In between these 4 major things I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for discounts and rebates as they become available from the different wiper blade producers.

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Winterize Your Vehicle

Looking to treat your car nice in the cold season (besides giving it a new set of winter wiper blades)?

Then head over to Amazon who have put together an entire section of their site dedicated to “winterizing your vehicle” as they call it.

My eyes caught these products who stood out:

Amazon snow chain bestsellers

Security Chain Company Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain – Set of 2

Amazon jump starter bestsellers

Stanley J5C09 500 Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

Amazon engine heater bestsellers

Kat’s 1153 Handi-Heat 200 Watt Magnetic Heater

New guide: Winter windshield wiper blades

I just finished the first part of a new guide – a guide that will allow you to get an overview of the different winter windshield wiper blades that are available as well as having the customer reviews from Amazon gathered in one place.

This first version only covers Rain-X and Trico, because it’s hard work to gather all the data to make it available from one central page.

The final guide will also feature Anco and Bosch wipers.