2012 fall rebate on Trico wiperblades

This year is no exception – Trico is once again offering a mail-in rebate on 6 different models of their wiperblades.

There's up to a $10 discount on these 6 blades:

  • Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit conventionalwiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit hybrid wiper blades
  • Trico Exact Fit beam wiper blades
  • Trico Flex wiper blades
  • Trico Force wiper blades

The offer lasts until November 16 2012

50% off Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blades

I almost missed this, but the Auto Deal of the Week at Amazon is 50% off on all Trico Exact Fit windshield wipers.

The notice on the frontpage just says Trico Exact Fit, but on the details page it clearly states that it’s only the wiperblades for the rear windshield.

Trico blade models are named “14-D” for instance. ’14’ is the size in inches and ‘D’ is for a specific type of attachment.

Attachments are A, B, C, D, E or F so make sure you pick the type of attachment that fits your car.

The discount lasts until November 14.

I just added a Michelin Wiper Blade page

I just added a page with specs and recommendations for 3 different Michelin windshield wiper blades.

Neither the steel-frame based RainForce nor the beam blade Optimum have enough Amazon reviews to conclude anything about their ability to wipe properly or last.

Personally I wouldn’t go for a blades that have been around for years with so few reviews.

The 3rd blade, the Michelin Stealth,  on the other hand seems very promising.

No reviews at all, but 6 out of the 10 available sizes have made it to Amazon’s windshield wiper blade bestseller list which means people really buys it.

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Just added an AutoTex page

I just added AutoTex to the list of windshield wiper manufacturers.

AutoTex has a line of windshield wiper blades called PINK.

These are black wiperblades in both traditional steel-frame based designed as well as a bracketless design.

The name PINK comes from the fact that AutoTex donates to the National Breast Cancer Foundation every time somebody purchases a PINK blade.

Despite being a relatively new blade there are already over 200 reviews on Amazon for the beam blade – with a rating of 4.34 out of 5.