To all the jeff618’s out there – bugger off

A few days ago somebody calling themselves JJJ posted a comment on this site about some relatively new Trico blades that he had tried and found really beefy.

Initially I approved the comment, but I have since removed it and blocked the IP address it came from.

The thing is, that this guy talks casually about a product that only one website that I’ve located so far sells …and when you dig a little into who owns his mail domain and the domain that sells the blade he is referring to then they turn out to be the same.

So, what harm can a relatively on-topic comment do?

Well, it turns out that I’m not the only site where Jeffrey likes to post almost identical posts about these special wiper blades.

For fun just search for beefy wiper blade

On the other forums, and he’s registered on a gazillion of them, he promotes his own site, without ever mentioning it directly.

Try searching for jeff618 or “New, Newbie, NOOB” and you’ll find him on 10.000 to 15.000 forums.

Initially I was going to link to the site where I found the blades he talked about, but after finding out he’s a big time forum and blog spammer I’ve decided to never link to his site.

So, Jeffrey, and all other spammers out there, please bugger off and stay away.