New Part Finder at Amazon

Amazon just changed the way their Part Finder looks.

And you will experience it in two different ways depending on how you access Amazon.

When you go to the windshield wiper blade section on Amazon (or any automotive section with car-specific components) you’ll be met with a popup window that looks like this:

If you follow a link to a specific windshield wiper blades then you’ll be greated with a bar near the top of the screen.

The way the popup and the top bar works is identical.

Here’s a walkthrough I did for my 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Select Year – in my case it’s 2006

Select Make – in my case it’s Suzuki

Select Model – in my case it’s Grand Vitara

Hit the Go button

In my case I was on a product page with a blade that didn’t fit my car, so I got this warning message.

Just click on the Blades link.

In my case that got me to a page exclusively with wiper blades that fits my car – you can tell you’re in the right place because of this line near the top:

Here I just clicked on one of the new Rain-X Repel blades and got this neat green checkmark above the product image that confirmed that this blade does indeed fit my car.

So, there you have it, the new Amazon Part Finder.

New blade: Rain-X Repel – windshield wiper blade with built-in water repellant

Rain-X just put their new Rain-X Repel wiper blade on the market.

Judging from the zoomable images on Amazon it looks exactly like the Rain-X Latitude blades, but with a new feature added.

What Rain-X have done is apply their Rain-X Water-Beading treatment to the blade itself, so your windshield gets a water repellent coating.

In effect it’s just like the PIAA Silicone coated blades that adds a tiny layer of Silicone to your windshield with each wipe.

This blade is so new that there is only 1 review on Amazon, but if you like the Latitude blades then this blade might be a worthy successor.

There’s a demo video on Amazon showing the effect of the Rain-X Repel blade that you might want to have a look at.

The video shows an untreated windshield, then a windshield with mounted Rain-X Repel blades in the rain, then the video shows how to apply an activation wipe and how to install the blade – and finally there’s a mud demonstration with an untreated windshield followed by a Rain-X Repel‘ified windshield.