Anco wiper blade rebate 2013

ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013

There’s just under 1 month left of the ANCO wiper blade rebate 2013.

Until the end of the year you can get either $10 or $5 returned from ANCO (dependng on which blades you buy)

  • Contour – ANCO C-xx – (Beam) – $10
  • Profile – ANCO A-xx-UB or A-xx-OE – (Beam) – $10
  • Transform – ANCO T-xx – (Hybrid) – $10
  • Winter – ANCO 30-xx – (Rubber-incased Steel frame) – $5
  • AeroVantage – ANCO 91-xx – (Steel frame) – $5

31-Series and Rear blades (AR-xx) unfortunately do not qualify.

Also, please notice that the 20-xx series is sometimes referred to as a medium profile blade and that this blade has nothing to do with the “real” Profile blade.

The winter blade rebate is especially sweet since it’s both the season for these blades and the one ANCO makes is by far the best one available out there.

$15 rebate on Anco Contour, AeroVantage and 31-Series wiper blades

Anco is following in the footsteps of Bosch who recently had a $15 mail-in rebate on their Icon wiper blades.

Anco is offering a $15 rebate on their Contour wiper blade (Bracketless) and a $5 saving on both AeroVantage and their 31-Series wiper blades (both Steel Frame blades).

Offer lasts until March 31, 2010.