Rain repellent reviews – A windshield glass treatment comparison

Note: I June 2015 I posted a 2015 version of this rain repellent review

Treating your windshield with a rain repellent solution is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your windshield wiper blades.

Applying a rain repellent to your windshield extends the life of your windshield wiper blades because you have to use them less often, and when you do have to use them, then there’s less friction between the blade and the windshield.

In this review I’ve tried to pull together a bunch of different products – but sadly I wasn’t able to find that many details on most of them.

Different types of windshield glass treatments

Rain repellents seems to come in one of 3 different forms:


The Silicone-based rain repellent products coats the windshield in a smooth surface.

There’s no chemical bond between the windshield glass and the Silicone-film that it’s coated with, so it tends to wear off the fastest of the 3 different types of rain repellents.

Rain-X Original Treatment is an example of a Silicone-based glass treatment.

Fluorinated compounds

Fluorinated compounds bonds chemically with the windshield glass and therefore lasts longer.

Aquapel is an example of a fluorinated compound rain repelling product.


Products working on a nano-scale bond even closer with the silica particles in the windshield than flourinated compounds and results in a superior hydrophobic surface that lasts longer than the flourinated compounds.

Diamon Fusion is an example of a nano-coating.

But which rain repellent is the best?

If you’re living somewhere with heavy rainfall then having a good windshield wiper in combination with a treated windshield is an essential safety feature – just like good tires and brakes are.

So it’s important that you choose the best product available.

I’ve looked around for reviews and comparisons of several products – starting with a side-by-side comparison video between Rain-X and Aquapel.

The video was shot by Josh Wardell and documented in this blog post

8 months later Josh made a follow up post with the Aquapel still working.

His video was later featured in this post on AutoBlog

These 3 posts and the products mentioned by other posters formed the foundation of my research.

Rain repellent reviews

I’ll start by listing the products that I couldn’t really find any reviews or comparisons of.

DuraBlade Glass System

I wasn’t able to find much information about the DuraBlade Glass System. (and the site has since gone missing)

Valvoline Clear Performance

I looked through Valvoline’s website and the only page I found related to windshields was one with a De-Icer and a Windshield washer concentrate.

Castrol Accuvision

Ace Hardware Superstore have them out-of-stock

And the only mention on Castrol’s own site is on their testimonial pages.

Nanoprotect AG

I can’t really find anything about this product except for their company website.

STP VisionBlade Window Treatment

Can’t find anything about the STP VisionBlade Window Treatment on STP’s website.

It’s mentioned several places that Aquapel and VisionBlade is the same product but neither Aquapel nor STP says anything about that fact on their websites – not even on their History pages.


Another product mentioned in the 3 blog posts, where I can’t really find anything except for a company website.

This left me with these products that enough people have shared their opinions and experiences with:

Rain-X Original Treatment

The “verdict” given seems to be that Rain-X Original Treatment works nicely, but that it’s cumbersome to apply, it can result in hazy areas on your windshield if you’re not careful when applying it, and that it generally doesn’t last very long.

Rating: 6.5

Reviewed on March 11, 2010.

PPG Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel comes out the winner (compared to Rain-X) in every review I’ve come across.

It’s reported as being just as effective as Rain-X at repelling rain, it’s easier to apply and it lasts 6 to 10 times longer.

Rating: 8.5

Reviewed on March 11, 2010.

Diamon Fusion

Yep, it’s Diamon Fusion – not Diamond Fusion.

I couldn’t really find any reviews of Diamon Fusion, but I did find this “Mud Test” video.

Diamon Fusion is not as readily available as Rain-X or Aquapel, and I haven’t been able to find any reviews, but I didn’t want to leave this review lacking a nano-technology representative.

Diamon Fusion started out with a vapor-based industrial solution that’s applied to glass in a chamber, but has since produced a product that can be applied to windshields by hand.

The company that produced the Mud Test video obviously provides Diamon Fusion, and they also have another neat (but noisy) video showing some of the scratch resistant properties of Diamon Fusion.

They also have a page with a collection of some of the info you can find on the Diamon Fusion website.

To find other resellers your best bet is to fill out this form – and if you live outside the USA then check out this page.


My advice, based on other people’s reviews is to leave Rain-X alone because it doesn’t last long enough and go for Aquapel instead.

If you have a special need for the best available product then I’m tempted to advice you to go see if you can find a Diamon Fusion reseller.

And if you do or already have had your windshield treated with Diamon Fusion (or any other product for that matter), then please share your windshield treatment experience.