Rain repellent Review – 2015 Edition

5 years ago I compiled a list of rain repellent products for car windshields.

I was only able to find a significant number of reviews for very few of the products.

And back then I ended up recommending Aquapel (or Diamon Fusion if you could locate a reseller).

The biggest change between then and now is the number of nanotechnology-based products available – because the majority of customer reviews still seems to center on two products.

This time I’m looking at products from these companies:

  • Rain-X
  • Aquapel
  • Green Earth Technologies
  • Stoner
  • NanoSafeguard
  • Supra Companies
  • Glass Science
  • Dafna
  • Pinnacle Natural Brilliance

The picture of which products are the best (rated) haven’t changed one bit since 5 years ago.

Sure, there are a handful of new sprays, wipes, gels and solutions, but they have been rated by very few customers, so it’s hard to say anything conclusive about them.

I don’t think this is because they are inferior products, but more because people tend to buy products that already have a track record.

5 years of additional research into nanotechnology is bound to produce products that are better, so I would have expected more reviews of these that what’s actually available – guess the 2020 review will show.

Rain-X® – Original Glass Water Repellent

These 3 products on Amazon are, despite their slightly different names, the same product – and they match nicely with what’s listed on Rain-X’s own site

The rating is also consistent across the three items.

A popular product that have been around for ages, but also a product that in some of the reviews gets a lower rating when used in conjunction with silicone-based windshield wipers.

Aquapel – Glass Treatment

Aquapel is applied with an Applicator – and it’s available in quite a few different sizes.

Aquapel mentions that “One single-use applicator will treat one windshield or two side windows”

  • 2-pack
    • Rating: 4.3 of 5
    • 73 customer reviews
  • 4-pack
    • Rating: 4.3 of 5
    • 51 customer reviews
  • 6-pack
    • Rating: 4.6 of 5
    • 114 customer reviews
  • 8-pack
    • Rating: 4.4 of 5
    • 48 customer reviews
  • 12-pack
    • Rating: 4.6 of 5
    • 65 customer reviews
  • 24-pack
    • Rating: 4.8 of 5
    • 12 customer reviews

Aquapel have, just like Rain-X, a significant number of customer reviews and have been rated by a lot of customers, so it’s a rating with some oomph.

Aquapel is, just like 5 years ago, a solid product.

Green Earth Technologies – G-CLEAN™ Rain Repellent

If green and environmentally friendly is your thing, then G-Clean is a good bet.

Stoner – Invisible Glass

Not that many reviews, but a good rating nevertheless. This product both cleans and treats your windshield at the same time, so it’s more convenient than using one product to prepare the windshield with and another to make it rain repellant.

NanoSafeguard – Auto Glass Treatment

The hydrophobic glass treatment from NanoSafeguard is another 2-step product – a cleaner and a sealant.

Just like with Stoner, it’s hard to say anything conclusive about the rating because it’s based on so few reviews.

It looks like an interesting product though – especially after I had a look at the wide range of commercial applications they cover.

Supra Companies

Supra Companies have two different kits available on their website

  • Clear Armor Kit ™
  • Supra-X™ Glass Treatment Kit
    • Another 3-piece kit from Supra Companies
    • Cleaner (Supra Glass Cleanser™) and sealant/repellant (Supra-X™)
    • Booster (Supra Boost Repellency™) – “Refortifies your vehicle’s windshield + windows”
      • And on the 4th image on their site it says “use when windows dirty or after car wash to maintain”

Glass Science

Two different products from Unelko, the company that created Rain-X

Rain Clear also comes in liquid form, but haven’t been able to find it on Amazon to get any ratings or reviews


Not much to say about Dafna – it comes across as an “anonymous” or maybe just less flashy product compared to its competitors

But one very interesting thing about Krystal Kleer is that you can get it in concentrated form. It’s a water-based product, so no point really in paying postage for water.

There is a 1 gallon concentrate available on Amazon, and Dafna have a 4 oz version available on their own site.

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance

Two products that, despite the Pinnacle name, have very few reviews.

On the Pinnacle website it looks like the rain repellent component of these two products could be two different types:

  • GlassCoat:”It fills in all the microscopic pits, pores and other surface imperfections invisible to the un-aided eye”
    • Could suggest that this is nano-technology, but it’s not mentioned specifically
  • Crystal Clear: “…imparts a water-repelling coating that chemically bonds to the glass”
    • Could suggest that it’s another technology since there’s nothing hinting at nano-technology being used


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