Number of different windshield wiper blades

If you go to “Automotive › Replacement Parts › Windshield Wipers & Washers › Wipers › Blades” you’ll find 1873 different items listed.

Which manufacturers and models are available?

Amazon lists 70 different makes of blades.

But the vast majority of those are little-known manufacturers that have made 1 or 2 blades in total.

In fact, the 4 brands with the highest number of blades (Trico, Bosch, Anco and Valeo) accounts for 50% of all wipers on Amazon – and the top ten manufacturers sits on 79% of the available blades.

Is there a search option?

Yes, and it’s fast.

Can you browse to a windshield wiper category?

Yes – “Automotive->Replacement Parts->Wiper Blades”

Is there a “part finder” available to limit the selection to only those blades that fit your car?

Yes, the Amazon Part Finder allows you to filter out any blades that won’t fit a specific year->Make->Model.

And Amazon has a concept they call “your garage”. If you’re logged into your Amazon account then they will remember which cars you have typed into the part finder so you can switch between the cars in “your garage”.


Amazon is in my opinion the preferred place to look for new wiper blades because of the large selection.

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  1. Just follow the link to Amazon and do a search for Trico.

    The reason why “Trico” is not clickable on this page is because I haven’t made a page dedicated to the available Trico blades – but it’s on my ToDo list

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