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Number of different windshield wiper blades

If you go to “Replacement Parts › Wipers” you’ll be met with a popup box that says “Select Vehicle to Improve Your Search”.

If you do fill in the box you’ll only see blades that fit your own car and that doesn’t give you an idea of the number of different blades available in total.

And if you close the box without filling it out you’ll be left stranded with this status: “Showing 0 products”

So, how many different wiper blades does Advance Auto Parts really offer?

Well, I spent a lot of time manually going through it, and came up with a total of 151 different models and sizes – they could be selling other blades, but I haven’t been able to find them.

Which manufacturers and models are available?

Advance Auto Parts offers these blades:

  • Bosch ICON
  • Kleenview
  • Rain X Beam
  • Rain X Repel
  • Rain X Conventional (Weatherbeater)
  • Trico Teflon Shield
  • Trico Exact Fit
  • Trico Winter
  • Trico Flex
  • Trico NeoForm
  • Valvoline Aquablade

The most interesting blades from Advance Auto Parts is the Kleenview and the Valvoline Aquablade since these are not available from Amazon.

Is there a search option?


Using the search box will invoke the “Select Vehicle to Improve Your Search” part finder so your search results will be limited to blades that actually fit your car.

Can you browse to a windshield wiper category?

Yes, but they’ve put windshield wipers in two different parts of the site.

“Replacement Parts->Wipers” and “Accessories -> Wipers”

But you can’t browse freely – you can only browse amongst the blades that fit your particular vehicle.

Is there a “part finder” available to limit the selection to only those blades that fit your car?

Yes, the Part Finder is labelled “Select Vehicle to Improve Your Search” and is invoked automatically when you start browsing or searching the site.


I don’t like that I’m forced to only search or browse between blades that are suitable for my car.

If 10 people review a 22″ blade and find it either horrible or fantastic and my car takes 20″ blades, then I’m not sure I’ll be able to see that review.

Interesting blade: I’ve only found one blade in the Accessories section, and that’s the Alpena Blade Max which they carry in Black, Carbon and Chrome.

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