Off road wiper blades

off road bugWhen you go off road then you want something especially reliable at getting mud and bugs off of your windshield.

Normal blades are only really designed at keeping water away, so you need something beyond the ordinary – you need a pair of off road wiper blades.

A good solution to this problem has been made by both Rampage Products and Scrubblade.

What they did to solve this was not to use single blades, but twin blades.

The “inside” of the blades are just like regular ones – smooth, as to wipe without leaving smears.

The “outside” however have small bumps – or scrubbers (triangles) that scrub the surface clean of debris.

Check out this video at 0:33 for a close-up animation of how it works.


And watch this one for a demonstration of how effective it is at removing splattered crickets compared to another blade.


I’ve collected some info for the size chart below.

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You can buy them at these online stores: