Rain-X wiper blades


Rain-X has a broad variety of blades, but there are several of those that I haven’t been able to locate on their website.

Model ID’s (unlike with other manufacturers) are only prominently visible on the Expert Fit range.

The other ones usually just mention the length.


NameTypeFeaturesSizeModel IDListed on manufactures website
Latitude ®Beam16″ – 28″**See Note 1Yes
Fusion ™Hybrid16″ – 26″**See Note 2Yes
Weatherbeater ®Conventional12″ – 26″RX302xxYes
Expert Fit ™ RearRearR-xx-A/B/D/EYes
Expert Fit ™ ConventionalConventionalC-xx-1/2/3/4Yes
Expert Fit ™ BeamBeamB-xx-1/2Yes
Expert Fit ™ HybridHybridH-xxYes
WinterConventional (rubber coated)No
RepelBeam16″ – 28″No
Heavy DutyConventionalNo


** Note 1: Numbered from 5079274 (16″) to 5079282 (28″) – and then with a 17″ blade almost bolted on as 5079283

** Note 2:  Numbered from 880001 (16″) to 880009 (28″)

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