PIAA wiper blades


PIAA, as one of the big manufactures have a lineup exclusively with Silicone rubber wiper blades.

Unlike most other companies they use cm instead of inches to make up their part numbers. For this reason I’ve gone with yy instead of xx in the table below.

NameTypeFeaturesSizeModel IDListed on manufactures website
Forza HybridHybrid14″-26″960yyYes
Super Sporza SiliconeConventionalSpoiler18″-26″933yyYes
Super SiliconeConventional12″-26″950yyYes
Silencio X-TRM SiliconeBeam22″-26″**See note belowYes
Aero VogueHybrid12"-28"961yyYes


**Note: The Silencio X-TRM Silicone is sold in pairs for specific windshield curvatures and I’ve not been able to decipher their Model ID strategy for these.

97313, 97362 & 97447 for instance all refer to a 24″/20″ combo.

So, for these there are no way to determine which will fit your car by simply looking at the size of your current ones.

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