Bosch wiper blades

BoschBosch, one of the leading manufacturers of wiper blades (but so far haven’t introduced a hybrid blade yet)

They have adopted a naming standard where “A” is for both driver and passenger side while “B” is for passenger side only.

Two models also have OEM versions which are labelled “OE”. The OEM version typically only cover a small selection of sizes.

ICON with Side Lock or Top Lock attachments come in OEM variants. Clear Advantage is available in 3 sizes for Top Lock attachments.

You might come across these old ICON model ID’s : 4xxA and 4xxB.

Also, the OE ones were named 460 through 466 (with no way of guessing the length)

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  1. I bought 2 pairs and they both streaked after a month. I will not purchase another pair. I now have to go and replace the ones on my car with another brand.

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